Saturday, October 01, 2005

Praise for the Persians

Let's hear it for the Persians. Their intelligent vision and gutsy hutzpah in standing down the big stupid American bully with his overdrawn credit card should be instructive to other countries worldwide. The U.S. is now so weak from war and feebly in debt that the slightest feigned move by the Iranians of an oil embargo could easily plummet this country over the edge.

We need to cooperate and be friendly with other countries if we want to have any chance of economic success in the future. Bullying does not work. I don't blame the Iranians for wanting to have nukes. It seems that the U.S.A. only picks on countries without them. I'm all for the Persians having whatever the hell they personally want, it's their own damn bidness after all.

The American nation is now two and half years into a war that has cost billions, killed and injured thousands, earned the country much hatred and ill will from the rest of the world and helped create the worst world energy crisis ever. Hip-hip-hooray for the mullahs in Iran who say fuck you imperialist pig of nothing. Go and see if your new master China will continue to extend you his hangman's noose of revolving credit so you can continue to bully and kill innocent people in other nations. Your pitiful empire of governmentally dependent publicly schooled ignorant lambs, all ripe and prone for the avenging sword of Allah!

As for the Israeli government, created in the spitting image of it's big brother
America, I hope they know what will happen to them if they carry out a plan to attack Iran. Their Big Bully Brudda is already at seven on the ten count, sprawled on the mat, with the referee's face coming in and out of focus. If they think this punch drunk has been is gonna bail 'em out this time----they is just plumb crazy! Uncle Sam is through as a fighter and last I heard was washing dishes over at the Chinese carry-out!

The judge, he holds a grudge,
He's gonna call on you.
But he's badly built
And he walks on stilts,
Watch out he don't fall on you.

------Bob Dylan


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"last I heard [Uncle Sam] was washing dishes over at the Chinese carry-out!"


Good one.

That, and the "hangman's noose of revolving credit."