Friday, October 14, 2005

Hot Pepper Report for Darrell


My local pepper harvest, some of which is earmarked for East Coast consumption, is one of the most bounteous in memory. Grateful thanks to Wilma, Darren, Donna, Lori, Eviva, the Bit & Spur and Wal-Mart for the steady supply of ripe and super hot chile peppers.

It's a great world most of the time, especially when we can trade freely and voluntarily amongst ourselves without the restraining hand of Big Brother limiting our choices and channeling our free will away from taking independent action, towards the ultimate goal of obedient acquiescence. Get in that school bus NOW kid!

Growing food is a form of liberty.

P.S. Darrell says take Air Force over UNLV. Money in the bank!


darrell said...

i feel like a celebrity with the marquee billing on your blog. i too would like to thank all the south west utah pepper growers!dave will tell you that i really enjoy them and can't grow my own anymore due to the fact that i am an urban condo owner.question: i have been told by maryland locals,with ties to new mexico, that the new mexico hot pepper crop has been badly damaged by some type of disease or something. any knowledge? whats the chance of actual seeds for planting here in the east? talk to you all later, and sorry to anyone who didn't realize i was joking about the bassetts and the way they throw chow down their gullets.
go air force (-14 by the way)

Davina said...

I always knew you'd be a star.