Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supporting independence movements

Amidst all the gloom about a major U.S. instigated war with Iran and Syria looming on the horizon we still need to keep pushing for secessionist movements within the United States as much as possible. We need to break apart this super-sized monster that uses the wealth of it's 50 slaves to wage unholy war on innocent civilians and run roughshod over the individual liberty of all that it supposedly governs.

The Soviet Union was broken apart and so should the United States. Texas ain't gonna bomb Iran, because Dallas is still the number one TV show in all of Persia. There are many Iranian men who root for the Cowboys, because they are considered a classy American sports team. Most young people in Iran adore American culture, much to the consternation of the mullahs who rule them. Send 'em all ten gallon hats and they'll be friends for life.

The following link made my heart glad to see so many independence movements alive and thriving:

Included are secessionist groups from California (Free the Bear and Move On California), Hawaii, Wales, Texas, Vermont, Alaska, Nevada, Tibet and Ulster. It is our only chance to eventually break the domination of Big Brother by deconstructing him down to nothing. The whole hideous edifice must come tumbling down, just like the statues of Lenin throughout the U.S.S.R. some 15 short years ago. Let's all keep thinking locally and looking to trade globally.

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Devastatin' Dave said...

Bravo! Count me in!