Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Beast Stirs Again

The deep silence of the Nevada desert.
Those familiar with my previous email postings (before this blogsite existed) about the deep rumblings I can feel in the earth emanating from the Nevada desert to my west, out on the test ranges, will be interested to know that there has been renewed activity over the past few days.

As we have discussed in the past, this type of military earth thunder usually precedes by three to four weeks renewed war making by the Beast. It has been awhile since the Creature has stirred, but the peaceful silence of the desert again reverberates with the swollen hunger pangs of the war monster's ever growling stomach. The belly of the Beast lusts for new victims.

The flatulence from this creature could fill universes.

God knows but I suspect Count Cheney and his wooden dummy W are gonna attack ancient Persia and Assyria sometime before Christmas. They are already carrying out raids along the Iraqi border with Syria, and are today making incursions onto their sovereign territory as I write. The current administration has floated the idea of such an attack in public utterances, and if carried out, could be 'bout where the American Empire takes it's final and inevitable plunge into oblivion. Good riddance!

Long live the Chinese! Shanghai is now the financial capital of the world. Long live Wal-Mart! Long live Allah and his devoted prophets and soldiers for helping to defeat the criminal Beast. Viva Mexico! Viva Texas! Viva California! Viva Espanol! No mas gringos! I'm down with green tea and fish tacos, ain't jew? It's time to learn Chinese, Spanish and Korean if you want to remain useful to this new society and yourself.

What I really want to know is when do we get to watch them chase Count Cheney, with flaming torches, to the top of the castle stairs? "How 'bout a little fire W?"
Al Qaeda flaming torch vampire SWAT team.


darrell said...

awesome pik of the desert

beamis said...

Thanks. Notice that the hills and mountains are all tilted fault blocks, sinking to the west at about a 35 degree angle. See dat?

Nevada is being stretched apart in an east to west direction, with the broken mountain blocks tilting into the crust. The crust is so thin here that these blocks are literally sinking into the hot semi-molten earth below. Make sense?

Nevada has the most hot springs of any of the 50 states for this reason also.

The photo was shot in Lincoln County between Hiko and Caliente.

Max said...

Very interesting insight, Beamis. It's good to have informants in useful places.

Max said...

Beamis, you have inspired me and I have linked this post to my latest post. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, well, David, when Allah's soldiers come to cut our throats, don't expect to placate them with a chili pepper. They want your blood, too.

Steve DoBell

beamis said...

Steve---that you believe that tells me a lot.