Friday, October 14, 2005

Georgia vs. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt mascot "Mr. Commodore" won the title of Mascot Champion at the Cheer and Dance North American Collegiate Championship, held February 12, 2005 in New Orleans.

I've had an eerie tingly feeling of trepidation about this upcoming game in Nashville for a while now. For some strange reason I've had a weird hunch that the lowly Commodores are gonna pull something out of the bag on the Dawgs, and at the very least, cover the spread. Maybe win.

It's Homecoming Week for Vandy, who are (4-2) and stand a decent chance of making a game of it. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I get laughed at over this later.

They easily have the most boring mascot in the entire Southeastern Conference.


Uncle Jelly said...

I recall hearing about a float entered in a homecoming parade in the 80's, Vandy @ UGA, "Swallow the Seamen." Let's hope the Dawgs get a belly full.

Uncle Jelly said...