Sunday, September 02, 2007

See ya later alligator

While taking a stroll at dusk we stopped at the dock that juts into the neighborhood pond to do a little bird watching. Tonight we observed wild turkey, white ibis, wood storks, anhingas, great blue herons and common egrets. Florida is certainly a good place to look for wildlife.

Fork it over dude!

Someone had left a bunch of stale bread on the railing of the dock which we threw into the water. Within seconds a plethora of small fish swarmed like piranhas upon the helplessly vulnerable rafts of Wonder Bread. Less than two minutes later a large hump of reptilian flesh was creating a large wake in the middle of the pond that was aimed straight in our direction. It seems that Florida alligators have developed a taste for Wonder Bread too.

Awww come on now! I'm hungry!

This fearless gator swam right up underneath of where we were standing and was as bold as any wild critter I've ever seen in making its case perfectly clear that it wanted some of those enriched wheat flour wafers too. Unfortunately for this large hungry saurian it is illegal to feed alligators in the state of Florida and after several minutes of useless entreaties it finally sulked off in a huff, angry that we were such law-abiding squares. See ya later alligator!

Later dude. Thanks for nuthin'.

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