Monday, September 10, 2007

Silicon basting brushes

My dear friend Kelly Hartsell of Johnson City, Tennessee gave me, as a wedding gift, a set of silicon basting brushes to use when cooking meat on the backyard grill. After using them for the past few months I want to take this opportunity to testify to their superior quality and durability. There is really no comparison!

Not only do they perform more efficiently but they clean up so well that I wonder how I got by before they were invented.

Thanks be to you Kelly for giving me a barbecuing tool that takes me into the 21st century.

Brush at rest

Brush in action



Kelly said...


Love ya man, but...ahhhh, the brushes I sent your way were Georgia red. Anyway, I agree, these things beat the old 'paint brush' style. Keep the coals burning my friend.


beamis said...

I have those too. I thought you sent me the blue one as well. I know that I didn't buy it. I'll try and feature the red ones in a future blog. Thanks again.