Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Georgia vs. Alabama

Bryant-Denny Stadium

This coming Saturday the #21 ranked Georgia Bulldogs will pull into Tuscaloosa to engage in battle with the #20 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. It should be a barn burner of a game because these teams are very evenly matched and the intense euphoria left over from the Tide's thrilling defeat of Arkansas last week is still hovering in the air over Bryant-Denny Stadium.

UGA chills on the sideline.

Las Vegas odds makers have Alabama favored by 3.5 points but I wouldn't touch this game with a ten-foot pole. My prediction: the Dawgs will find a way to prevail over the Tide 21-20.

The SEC rules!

Will Nick Saban bring back the glory of the Bear?


Audie said...

Pretty close on your prediction there, sir!

beamis said...

I should head to Las Vegas and become RICH!