Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beyond the backyard

I have been taking pictures over the last few days that I think capture the essence of my new home down here in Osceola County. The cooler weather and the welcome efforts of a conservation district work crew that have been cutting back some of the vegetation on the access trail leading into the nature preserve behind my house has enticed me to explore more territory than I would have a month ago in the buggy, muggy misery of summer.

The main difference from the Panhandle is that there is very little dry land around here (our house is built on fill) and the forests have more hardwoods and palms than the long leaf pine woods that characterize the sandy hills of northern Florida. There are a lot more lakes and swamps and it rains a bit more, about every afternoon, just like in the Amazon jungle.

The Reedy Creek Swamp directly behind my house.

Angry storm clouds roiling in from the south.

An osprey soaring over the lake searching out a meal.

Sunset over the swamp.

It is a totally new terrain that I'm still adjusting to and very cautiously exploring. It's beautiful and a little bit frightening. As the weather continues to get cooler and the bugs and snakes become less of an issue I plan to explore more extensively into this mysterious and fascinating realm that seems to yield its secrets very reluctantly. Stay tuned and wish me luck.

Happy Fall!!!!

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Audie said...

Cay-uh-ful out they-uh, Beamis!