Sunday, August 26, 2007

YouTube Is Great!

He's now just a mouse click away.

I've been somewhat under the weather of late and forced to lay low and rest. As a way of passing the time I have been turning to YouTube to watch all sorts of things that I would never have been able to access in any other way.

Until very recently I didn't realize that this site had all kinds of professionally crafted and copyrighted material, in addition to the amateur stuff, which people have posted to share with the wider world. It's really incredible what I can now watch: old episodes of Leave It To Beaver; Thelonious Monk concerts; interviews with the likes of Frank Zappa & Bob Dylan; hysterical shrieking speeches delivered by Adolph Hitler to hypnotized German audiences; guitarists Steve Vai and Buckethead collaborating on the soundtrack for the sci-fi flick "Ghost of Mars" (Buckethead wears his mask in the recording studio too!); Jimi Hendrix on the Dick Cavett Show; very old episodes of the Honeymooners with Ralph screaming "TO THE MOON ALICE!" and vintage stand-up comedy routines from the likes of Richard Pryor, Alan King, Jonathan Winters and Lenny Bruce. Sheesh, I'm exhausted from all of the choices at my fingertips. In case y'all didn't know about it yet, this site is worth a look.

I'll be better soon and will complete my historical tour of Alabama as promised last week. Also more giant spiders from interior Florida. Stay tuned......

Wally & the Beaver

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