Friday, August 10, 2007

My old-fashioned barber shop

I was inspired to share the simple joys of the barber shop that I frequent after reading Devastatin' Daves blog post about a visit to Durf's in Bridgeton, Maine:

The Central Barber Shop is located at 207 Broadway in downtown Kissimmee, Florida which is the county seat and largest city in Osceola County. I found it quite by accident one day while checking out the central business district for the first time. It's a real throwback to the old barber shops that I went to as a younger man that have been rapidly disappearing with the advent of unisex "haircutterys" beginning back in the 1980's.

The last real barber shop that I frequented regularly was in downtown Santa Monica, CA (now long gone) that was owned by a real character who knew the history and lore of that town better than anyone. He would spellbind me with captivating tales of yesteryear while briskly clipping my thick mass of hippie curls.

The sights, smells and rituals of an old-fashioned barber shop are definitely something from the past that I am happy to be supporting in this era of large chains and impersonal service. This particular place is always packed and the loyalty of their regular customers is quite evident, with many patrons getting a haircut twice a month. The price is right if you're into frequent visits.

So, if you're ever in the swamps of central Florida and need a little trim off the top come on in and sit a spell at 207 Broadway in the heart of beautiful and historic Kissimmee.


Devastatin' Dave said...

Rock on, Brother Beamis!

I just returned from Durf's with a brand new haircut.

Audie said...

I like it.

Takes me back to Roy's Barbershop in downtown Waller, Texas (Roy McClellan, prop.) -- where I as a kid was given a nickel after every haircut, to take next door to Corner Drug and get an ice cream cone (usually butter pecan). Roy would also put on one of those electric hand massager things and give each customer a quick neck and shoulder massage at the end of the haircut. Ya don't get those at Command Performance / Visible Changes / Cost Cutters / Whatever....


P.S. Do I hear some lamenting about "this era of large chains and impersonal service" from someone who's in love with Walmart?

beamis said...

I like small and personal when it comes to things like the doctor, dentist and getting my hair cut. Price is more important when shopping for shampoo, charcoal and liverwurst so pushing a cart through Wal-Mart fills the bill just fine.

maorlando said...

Luv this blog... here is a link to Roy's Barber Shop in Waller, TX that Audie referred to... it is still operating today but not sure who the owner is now.
Thanks for posting this great post on old fashioned barber shops.. my husband still goes to one in Brownwood,TX on occasion.
The link to Roy's Barber Shop:
Thanks... maorlando