Monday, May 15, 2006

Some Springdale citizens speak up on the bomb test

A resident of Springdale has proposed that local citizens in southern Utah obtain their own air monitors to independently verify whether or not toxic elements, especially radioactive isotopes, are present in the atmosphere following the upcoming bomb detonation at the Nevada Test Site. (What, you mean someone is calling into doubt government assurances of complete safety?) I know next to nothing about these devices and was wondering if any of ya'll out there in the blogosphere could lend me a notion or two on the subject. What would I be looking for in a Google search? Does eBay sell 'em?

Another Springdale resident has proposed that once the definite date of the blast is known the town should shut down, lest they be accused of tempting visitors to be here during a potentially dangerous time. A shutdown would be an honest gesture of concern on the part of the local tourism industry towards its valued customers.

Again I ask where is the voice of the Mormon Church on this matter? How evil does something have to get before you will stand up and assert your moral authority? It is, after all, primarily members of your flock who, again, will be absorbing the toxic clouds emanating from the belly of the never sated war beast.

Just like the National Park Service, with its silly obsessions over exotic weeds and endangered snails, your pious finger wagging on the evils of caffeine and unmarried sex seem, at this point, very quaint and not a little trite in the face of the much larger issues of moral collapse and societal decay represented by this bomb blast. When are you going to stand up for the health of your own church members and the sanctity of their communities? It sure would be nice to know that you care.

At this point no one is holding their breath.

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Audie said...

Amen, brother.