Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mexico legalizes drug use

The Mexican government is about to make the personal use of currently banned substances legal, including: weed, cocaine, heroin, LSD and peyote (2.2 pounds per person). Good for them. It's a big step in the right direction. I also see Canada doing something like this as well in the not too distant future. The U.S. will remain the continental exception with its brimming prison population continuing to soar as the unending persecution of victimless drug users and sellers proceeds apace. Currently 52% of the nation's prisoners are serving time for drug related offenses. Is this what a humane and civilized nation does to its citizens? I think not.

It's always good to see a government reduce the laws on their books by letting individuals in the marketplace make up their own minds about what they want to purchase and consume.

Let's hear it for Mexico! VIVA!

The reasons to relocate south of the border grow by the minute.


Max said...

Vetoed by President Fox - according to the BBC World Service, he was worried about "drug tourism" from the US.

Uncle Jelly said...

Not so fast. We'll see about the veto. Fox doesn't like to be gloated at. Bush'll come out braggin' about this victory. Fox may yet do the right thing: rub el presidente dumb-dumb's nose in... some kind of powdery substance.

Max said...

The US is already bragging about it, Uncle Jelly.

Mr Fox has been accused in the Mexican media of bowing to US pressure.

US officials had voiced concern that more lenient policies in Mexico could lead to a wave of drugs-related tourism across the border.

As for rubbing Dumb-Dumb's nose in it, I am sure he wouldn't resist - just for old time's sake, you understand.

Uncle Jelly said...

It's the incessant bragging that'll change things - the "gloat," the "remember back a coupla months ago when I broke the beaneater-in-charge's back on that drug thang?" that'll get Fox's head right.

The response to 9/11: Reach to draw weapon, blow foot off, hop over to specially designed economy-ruining apparatus.

Response to "third world country" moving toward progressive drug policies: stick stump from 9/11 response firmly into affected southwestern accent spewing retard mouth.

Max said...

I understand now, Uncle Jelly. And you make me laugh (in a very positive way, I mean).

beamis said...

It seemed that the veto came as a direct response to my blog posting. I decided to keep the post up even after I read about Fox's veto threat, just to see what would happen.

I hope this sparks a much wider debate in Mexico about being bullied and dictated to by Gringo Diablo. The Mexicans have a much better hand in this poker game as they also do with the immigration issue. The U.S. just looks dumb and arrogantly overbearing AGAIN

What does it tell you that the U.S. govmints stated concern is drug tourism? It tells me a lot about how they view their own subject's tastes and desires as being inherently subversive to the "just and right" causes of their crusade.

You decide what is worse: smoking a little weed in Cabo or dropping crater making bunker-busting bombs onto crowded Iraqi neighborhoods? (They'll be testing a new super-duper one on June 2 in the desert west of me.)

A buzz on in Mexico or flying body parts in the marketplace? Which is the more unjust? Which of the two sits on morally higher ground?

Max said...

I'm all for skinning up (i.e. rolling a joint) and smoking on the beach. Small amounts of marijuana for personal use are legal where I live.

Uncle Jelly said... Goin' to Hooterville is legal where I live too. But his royal highness the lord governor has succeeded in groupin' dooby with meth. From the local birdcage liner:

"Senate leaders used the bill to launch another attack on the privacy rights that allow Alaska adults to possess small amounts of marijuana in their own homes. The House refused to go along with the controversial and expensive effort to recriminalize possession of any amount of marijuana by adults. A majority of the House wanted a bill to fight crystal meth, not take on a constitutional battle over marijuana possession."

So you see, stupidity can't be frozen into submission. Roll up a hog leg rhinoblaster while you still can.