Friday, May 12, 2006

The everyday joys of existence

With all of the turmoil & violent death Big Brother is creating for us on the world stage it is very important to always stay in touch with the things that really matter. I'm talking about the stuff that no one can ever take away: the people, places, things and sensations you savor, listen to, love, ponder and recollect. The real world. The unified plane that all sane and healthy individuals must remain in contact with for the continuous process of necessary rebirth.

Existence is always exquisite here:

In the California desert;

Being with Vanessa;

Holding a piece of Wheeler shale full of trilobites (Elrathia kingi);

Stumbling onto out of the way rock art;

Watching Fleance sleep for 14 hours;

and oh yeah, eating grilled chicken.

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