Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Maryland to Utah

It's been exactly one year since I took an exciting road trip with Bill Bassett from Baltimore to Springdale. There are recently unearthed photos from that trip that I thought some of ya'll might like to take a gander at (no reruns from last year's original e-album).

This beautiful continent of ours is one helluva of a landmass to explore and experience.

Also on this particular trip, there was no such thing as 3.2% beer sold at the gas stations & convenience stores of Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa or Nebraska. Weak & shitty 3.2% was the rule in Colorado and Utah.

The very worst stretch in the nation is where four of the six states with 3.2% beer laws are all in a row for close to a thousand miles: Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado & the holier-than-thou Beehive State. How I hate to travel that dry and parched route through the heart of rabid Protestant self-righteousness! If I am forced to go that way I always load up the cooler and fill the trunk before departing Arkansas, which sits on the western frontier of Dixie. The prairie and high plains are way more fun when you've got a beer buzz going.

Camden Yards: Orioles vs. KC Royals

Bassett meets some Maryland rednecks: my friends.

Harpers Ferry, WV

Bassett state line.

John Deere Factory & Museum in Moline, IL

Iowa through the windsheild.

Back home in Utah: the San Rafael Swell.

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