Friday, March 10, 2006

March Snow

Bridge Mountain
A big wet, juicy, springtime snowstorm has settled over the Beehive State today, even bringing accumulations way down south in Zion's. Oh how purty it is.
Raging in Rockville
Shelter from the storm


dmb4 said...

75 freakin degrees today
a mailmans dream
all windows in the CAVE are open to mother natures wonderful breath

tahoemama said...

Beautiful sight, I'm drooling. Would love to have just a dusting.

Audie said...

Zion's what?

beamis said...

Don't start with me Audra.

Audie said...


Perfect comeback, sir.

Lemme know if you need a skinny, liberated woman to keep you warm down there in the snow. I'll see if I can hook you up.

stumpy the pimp (niche market)

beamis said...

Yeah an agenda driven self-absorbed babe in her Subaru, skinny and taut from too much sun & about as warm as an ice-pick fresh outta the freezer. She's in desparate need of a shamanic healing and deep tissue massage for at least three dysfuntional past lives----that she knows about. Bring in the sage incense stencher quick! Somehow granite counter tops just ain't cuttin' it for her no more.

Audie said...

Well... to each his own.