Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Re-occupation

Welcome my friend. Buenos dias!

There have been widespread protests across the U.S. over the draconian measures that the Congress is half-way through enacting against so-called "illegal aliens".

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation that would make it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally, impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and erect fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border.

This enlightened vision of fortress America is a last ditch attempt at pretending the U.S. even exists anymore in the traditional way the poobahs in DC think that it does. Most of the country has been ignoring what goes on in Washington for years now and this bill seems to stem from their sudden petulance about being dismissed as irrelevant.

Some observations:
  1. To start with the U.S. border with Mexico is a sham because it is the result of an unjust war of aggression against a weaker neighbor. The fact that, 158 years ago, the U.S. decided to occupy northern Mexico and draw an unnatural boundary line across empty desert doesn't mean it would be respected by people wishing to move freely across what was formerly Mexican territory.
  2. The white folks just ain't having enough babies. A functioning economy needs lots of workers to get things done. You know, stuff like building houses, washing dishes and pruning apple trees. The same is true in Europe, where the white folks there make even less children, with the result that the more fecund Muslims will be majorities in both France and Italy in the very near future and powerful minorities in the rest of "the continent."
  3. The curse of American public education, after several generations, is finally coming home to roost as it continues to fail at promoting competency in the fundamental skills with which to prepare people for a wide variety of roles in an ever-changing economic landscape. The "illegals" will continue taking the low-skill jobs while the Indians, Chinese, Irish and Malaysians will continue filling more and more of the higher skilled labor niches. As for the multitude of ever dumber fucks crawling out of the armed and gated day care centers the government calls schools, they'll be standing on the sideline saying "like.....duh".
  4. I can't imagine replacing all of the "illegals" that now perform the tasks of everyday American life. In Springdale alone, a tourist town, there would not be enough local people with either the work ethic or desire to do the jobs necessary to keep that busy town going. Doesn't anyone in Washington ever get out and see who is actually doing what in the community? Do they really think that getting rid of the millions of "illegals" working here would somehow make us all better off? Can't they see for themselves who is doing the road construction, food service, home building, leaf blowing and meat packing? It's not just in the border areas but in places like North Carolina and Illinois where the growth of their numbers has been most dramatic. Where have the poobahs been burying their heads?
  5. We are now witnessing the end of Euro-American domination of the world. Low birth rates and the blind self-absorbed worship of the false gods of social welfarism and perpetual warfare have reduced this formerly monstrous beast into a bleating lamb that is now about to be stampeded to bits by the thunderous hooves of destiny.
  6. As for all of these browner folks we is seeing 'roun here, well they eat much spicier food and that is enough for me already to welcome the rapidly evolving change of guard.


Monkey said...

Howcome you like the beaners so much?

beamis said...

Tastes great, less filling.