Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Would you eat a Mr. Softee?

This photo was taken in Queens late at night. For some reason the Mr. Softee truck scared the hell out of me. It just sorta showed up out of nowhere and then just as quickly disappeared into the New York dark like an evil omen. It sent chills down my spine.

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Audie said...

I think what scared you about it is the big "W!" on the back door.

"W! for Dren" is the secret message, like "Rosebud," that haunts us all to this day.

What does it mean? We know who W is, but who or what is Dren? Some secret diabolical leadership post? He's not only President but also Dren? Does this represent a conflict of interest? Is this why none of his decisions make any sense to those of us with brains and with only the best interest of our species at heart? Or did he win the campaign for President but lose the one for Dren, and so sending our nation into the toilet in a variety of ways is his not-so-passive-aggressive way to get back at the voters in that other contest?

Some day, I hope, it will all become clear. But, until then, yes, it is probably best to keep running from the vehicles marked "W! for Dren."

Thank you.