Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tsunami Bomb

I recently stumbled across a display of Duncan yo-yos at my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart store. They were selling the same models that I remembered from my youth, and I purchased a Butterfly, which was my favorite back in the day. It was always easier for me to do tricks with a Butterfly, especially walk-the-dog, as opposed to the Imperial, which was the other popular yo-yo they manufactured. I owned both types, of course.

For a mere $1.99 I got a "made in China" yo-yo (every bit as good as one manufactured in Duncan's Ohio plant back in my day), that came with an instructional CD to show you how to do twelve different tricks and included a musical soundtrack for yo-yo enthusiasts to yo-yo by. One of the featured bands, Tsunami Bomb, is an amazingly talented punk rock group with a female lead singer (Agent M.) that just blows my socks off. They possess a joyful soaring sound with a youthfully razored edge that is head banging hard rock the way I loved it at 17, with fast guitars and crisp thumping bass lines underscoring the strong-willed voice of a punk diva in her prime.

Intelligent design in raucous rock & roll. Dig it!


Audie said...

The guy in the back center looks quite a bit to me like a young Freddie Mercury.

Now that you're all Mac-ified, I look forward to your eventual podcasting of music discoveries via weblog. ('Course, you'll need high speed access fer that.)

By the way, I've been meanin' to tell you that the Buckethead CD you sent me was corrupted or somethin'. By the second song or so, it started "clickin'," and by the 4th or so, it was all but unlistenable. And then my player pretty much spat it back out at that point. I heard enough to know that I like it, though. Was that all from a single album, or what? If so I'll just get a copy from iTunes or my local shop. If it was a mix, which album(s) were the first few tracks from?

beamis said...

All, except cut four, are from a CD that he only sold on tour titled "Inbred Mountain". It turns out that he makes a special CD for every single tour that can only be bought at the shows. Extra incentive to attend I guess.

I'll make a copy for ya on my Mac.

Hokay den?

Audie said...

Excellent. I 'preciate it!