Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grilling perfection

Today's continued pattern of abnormally warm and balmy temperatures stirred me to bust out the apple & hickory wood and grill some marinated leg quarters in the late afternoon sun.

Life here is good. Don't never get me wrong 'bout dat! Lawd I am grateful-----I is!

P.S. Ain't sending this to none of my vegan friends as I've been told that some of my past barbecue photography has been offensive to some ya'll. If'n you end up seeing this by mistake, I'm real sorry that the sight of critters cookin' riles you so. I'm just a culinary arteest at heart.

Filipino BBQ sauce. There is a God.

Sunset falls on Horse Ranch Mountain.


Uncle Jelly said...

One thang's fer sher: the flu-kilt birds in that top pitcher is baskin' in some serious greenhouse gassishness. Looks downright yummy.

I'll interpret the faux-toe o' dat hot sorce as a recommendation and try to hook up wiff a bottle fer a taste test.

En jois.

beamis said...

You should apply it right at the very end of the process. It has bread crumbs in it which makes the coating of sauce more like a crust you'd find on fried chicken. It has a sweet yet spicy flavor