Thursday, February 23, 2006

Roscoe gallery

Touring Egypt
Someone recently asked me how Roscoe was doing, which naturally prompted me to round up some recent shots from the past few years and post them, much to the utter delight of Skeeter and Steve Dobell. Right guys?
The old boy is doing quite well in spite of the defeat of his beloved Denver Broncos to the sainted Steelers at Mile High Stadium. We told him that Jake Plummer always sucked in the games that mattered, but did he listen? Sometimes he's such a dummy.

At the SEMA show in Las Vegas

Feeding time

Shoe shine at the Luxor in Las Vegas

A loose & lumpy Las Vegas floozy

Enjoying a day at Zion's

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Anonymous said...

You’re right, they delight me! They also reassure me that, despite some of your political views, you remain sane regarding the really important fundamentals.
Steve D.