Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anarchy at work in Somalia

The link below is to an excellent article about the success of Somalia as a country with no central government. This is anarchy in the traditional sense, the literal meaning of which is: "the absence of a ruler", making the word monarchy (to be ruled) the exact opposite. An anarchist is simply someone who does not wish to be ruled. They much prefer voluntary contracts and agreements between consenting parties than to being taxed and subjugated to the will of a king, warlord, or mob rule (democracy). Brick tossing hooligans they are not.

The current interpretation of the word as a condition of negative disorder and lawlessness is propagated by government schools and the ever pliant state worshiping media (imbedded as they are).

Old dictionaries are quite handy to have in your library.

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Devastatin' Dave said...

Testify, Beamis!