Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The New Confederacy

For the occasion of my 50th blog I wanted to talk about the fast approaching time when these fifty, so called, United States of America shall ultimately break apart. Our neighbor to the north has this subject openly debated among its citizens all the time. It is a national debate that is healthy and very needed as nations can and should change and metamorphose just like entities in the private sector.

Canada will probably be the first to split apart (maybe in Quebec, the western provinces or a new territory of native tribes in the far north). I believe that this could get the ball rolling for what is inevitable further to the south.

Check out this website for the New Confederacy http://www.newconfederacy.com/ which I must say, made me all warm and fuzzy inside to see it done so intelligently and with such regional pride and local knowledge. Lest many of you think this is a bunch of idiotic, gun-toting, nigger hating rednecks you should take the time to give it a closer look. For instance on the issue of slavery:

The New Confederate Constitution specifically forbids slavery, and requires equal suffrage for citizens of all genders and races. Many of us believe that slavery and its attached evils was a key reason God chose not to bless us with victory, and has left us in the wilderness of slavery for 138 years. The New Confederates acknowledge this sin against God and humanity and repent of it.

And on the issue of my home state of Maryland:

Under the New Confederate Constitution, a state which has scheduled a secession process, but is prevented from engaging that process by force or occupation, is considered as having ratified the Constitution. Well, this is exactly what happened in Maryland in 1861. Abraham Lincoln had the Maryland legislature arrested, so that it could not secede. Since if we were using our current rules then, we would have considered Maryland's secession legal, after much consideration, we now recognize Maryland as a state of the original Confederacy.

After reading that passage anyone within earshot could hear my rebel yell all the way to Chesapeake Bay.

After the recent debacles that the feds have led us into, with diabolical plans to submerge us further, like attacking Iran by October, I think it is high time we all began thinking about becoming tax resistors and then begin agitating for our home state to break away from this union of murder, waste and mayhem. This destroyer of life and nations, feeling accountable to no one, must be laid to rest for good, before it causes yet more needless disaster to innocent people everywhere.

Tell the Israelis and the Pakistanis to go find another brutal big bully benefactor to help them fight their sordid blood crazed battles. Daddy done gone to lie on the scrap heap of history----for good. Sho'nuff.

Maryland Flag

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