Thursday, September 15, 2005

The habanero harvest in Utah continues

The habanero pepper is believed to have originated in Cuba but several other versions of its true origin abound. The word habanero means "from Havana" and these peppers were thought to have been taken to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico from Cuba many years ago. Tons of habaneros are harvested each year in the Yucatan, Belize, Costa Rica, Texas and California. It is the only chile growing in the Yucatan which has no Mayan name, leading to speculation that it was imported there from Cuba. However, this chile pepper is now unknown in Cuba. Other names for the habanero are 'Scot's Bonnet' or 'Scotch Bonnet,' commonly used in the English-speaking Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, and 'Bahamian' or 'Bahama Mama' in the Bahamas.

Wilma Angius of Rockville, Utah grows some of the most beautiful and potent specimens known to exist on the North American landmass (see photo above). God bless ya Wilma!

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Max said...

All the pics of pecks of peppers you picked have beautiful colours.