Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How 'bout them Dawgs?

Team mascot Uga tries to bite an Auburn player in 1996.

Since Devastatin' Dave devoted his most recent blog to the pitiful stirrings of devoted and delusional hope for the changed fortunes of his lowly Cincinnati professional football club, I'd like to venture a prediction about my own beloved Georgia Bulldogs, who now currently rank 6th in the nation.

I'm going to venture a prediction that when they roll into Jacksonville to play in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party on October 29th they will be undefeated, having beaten Tennessee in Knoxville on October 8th. If they defeat Auburn the following week, at home, they will be in a very good position to win the Southeastern Conference crown and move onto the national championship game against Texas in Pasadena this coming January. Yeeee-haw!

I'm already trying to get tickets to the Rose Bowl.


Devastatin' Dave said...

I don't think there's anything better than SEC football.

Devastatin' Dave said...

I guess you need some hope for a post-season offering, since the 'Skins won't make the playoffs. Plus, their 1st round pick is going to the Broncos.

I'll be sure to do the Ickey Shuffle for you as the Bengals roll thru the AFC! Boo-yeah!

beamis said...

Hope springs eternal along the not yet flooded banks of the Ohio.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you have lost touch with the real world. USC has much more speed and as usual the "puppy dog" has little if any. You have proved over the years, yelling for the "skin's", your oblong ball knowledge was little if any and your advancing years has done nothing to improve it.

Fred Dungan

beamis said...

Fred I take your admonitions as a badge of honor.

Where is Darrell the all seeing & all knowing Bagwhan when I need him?

Fred you used to say his picks were as good as the ones made by the chimpanzee on the local Las Vegas TV station

darrell said...

they're gonna have to beat my TIDE in the championship, and if croyle stays healthy that's not gonna happen bubba.

darrell said...

tell fred i went 18-0 the first week of the nfl
i'm 26-6 on the nfl and 27-18 on the ncaa.
anybody wants to make fun of my past, fine
the future is now chumps, and as long as i've got a computer, i'm never losing again!
the bagwhan is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

beamis said...

I say we have a weekly game called "Beat the Bagwhan". Darrell makes a pick and we bet against his choice. Any takers?

The Tide? Roll tide? Are they in contention for anything but the cellar in the SEC this year?

Vanderbilt will finish better than Alabama this season, so have I spoken----the Utah Hasidic Bagwhan1

Hey-----have you got a pick Mr. Grubb Road Bagwhan?