Thursday, September 01, 2005

If'n they could'a they ought'a should'a

The first of three links in this blog post is to an article, from a German source, that is part of a new thread that is emerging about the disaster in New Orleans being aided and abetted by the U.S. government, because Shrub supposedly cut $72 million away from flood control for the Big Easy and diverted it to waging war on Iraq. Hoo-boy, just some more idiotic "the state can spend us out of any dilemma" type of thinking that pervades modern Western society. The sooner the collapse the better. Or is it finally here?

In my last blog I pointed out how this whole mess could be traced to overarching federal government manipulation of the Mississippi River delta by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Into these capable hands was entrusted one of the earth's most extensive and voluminous drainage basins, to become an elaborate Tinker Toy for un-elected central planning bureaucrats.

Dat old man river, it just keep rollin' along!

I think the people in the Middle and Far Eastern half of the world know way better than us, when it comes to putting much faith in the boasts and ambitions of a technocratic Big Brother, which is why THEY are now preparing to be our new masters. Once Shrub finally maxes out his Japachinese issued credit cards, to blow up Iraq, we'll all be facing a decidedly Asian tilted tomorrow. I say bring 'em on, as I shore loves their cuisine veddy mucho and will be glad to do business with 'em in the freer climate of commerce and exchange that people from the East bring to the table. Kung pao anyone?,1518,372455,00.html

The second article is a well written piece from the New Orleans Times-Picayune about how anarchy works in city neighborhoods where the citizens are lawfully armed. In this case the gun owning citizens have been able to do what the civil authorities have failed to accomplish in protecting their businesses and communities. An excellent argument for a fully armed society.

Finally from Kuwait comes the story of "the terrorist Katrina, soldier of Allah", which I thoroughly enjoyed. Hope you do too.

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