Saturday, December 01, 2007

SEC Championship Game 2007

Louisiana State University Cheer Squad

Today's championship game, being played in Atlanta, between #7 LSU and #15 Tennessee is the culmination of a very exciting and memorable season of college football in the Southeastern Conference. Ten out of the twelve teams in the league are bowl eligible (with Ole Miss & Vanderbilt being left out) and the top ranked team (#4 Georgia) is not even eligible to play for the title.

The incredible performance of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was fun to watch and his statistics are historic. I'm rooting for him to win the Heisman Trophy but won't be surprised if it goes to another SEC standout, Arkansas running-back Darren McFadden. I wish good luck to them both.

Some definite highlights of the season would have to include the LSU-Kentucky game (actually watching it with friends while visiting Kentucky a lucky bonus), Alabama-Georgia, Florida-Georgia, Arkansas-LSU, and Kentucky-Tennessee. These games were entertaining and very well coached. I truly believe this is the best sports league in America. Eat your heart out NFL, you should be so lucky to have this many thrills in ten years worth of games.

The current LSU mascot Mike IV

The book makers in Las Vegas have LSU as a 7 point favorite over Tennessee but I beg to differ and think there will be a big upset in Hotlanta today.

My prediction: Tennessee over LSU 37 -35.

University of Tennessee mascot Smokey


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beamis said...

So I was wrong (again) and the bookies in Vegas were dead on. What else is new?