Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December in Florida

So far, here in the subtropical splendor of the Florida peninsula, the average daily temperatures this month have been warmer than they were in November. I have never experienced a December this balmy in my life, with daytime highs averaging about 83 degrees and overnight lows of 60. While it's certainly not something that I've been accustomed to, I wish to assure you that I intend to endure it with all of the dignity and grace at my disposal.

"Honey would you please pass the sunscreen."

Christmas tree in downtown Celebration

I hope that December in your neck o' the woods is chugging along just fine and that your holiday shopping is pretty well wrapped up. If anyone else wants to join us for Christmas on the beach please drop me a line and state your preference for either the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, as we're equidistant to both. Also, to my Jewish friends I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Hanukkah!

December skies in Florida


Shane said...

Dave, you've gotten really good with your digital camera. That peninsular shot of Florida is astounding. I'd like to know what kind of zoom you were using...

Grechen and I are also enjoying the weather here, especially since reports from our midwest home make the idea of going back there this weekend a bit less than appealing. We are looking forward to our upcoming move to Florida and all the non-frozen-winters we can get.


Frank said...

Must say I'm rather jealous especially after weeks of grey in the NW.

On a separate note, looks like I've (we've?) been run off the NPT site. Symptomatic of the issues facing the agency.

beamis said...

Agreed. Oh, and Happy Holidays to you and your soon to be wife.