Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another typical afternoon in Amerika

The following article appeared in this morning's Orlando Sentinel and fully encapsulates what daily life has become in the land of the free and the home of the brave:

10-year-old student arrested after using knife on steak

OCALA - A 10-year-old girl could face a felony weapons charge after she brought a kitchen knife to school with her steak lunch, the child's uncle said Saturday.

Marion County deputies arrested the girl Thursday at Sunrise Elementary School and took her to the Juvenile Assessment Center. School faculty had seen her cutting the steak with the knife at lunch. They took the knife away from her before calling the Sheriff's Office and her uncle.

Her uncle, Kenneth Thomas, said the child was distraught by the arrest.

I'll be closely following this case and will make sure to keep y'all apprised of developments in the prosecution of this 5th grade girl. I'm thinking of establishing a legal aid fund on her behalf. Any thoughts for a name I could use?

Oh the horror!


Frank said...

This dovetails with the story I recently read about how the Napa Valley School District will pay $95,000 for plaintiffs' lawyer fees for attempting to stop a middle school student from wearing socks with the cartoon character Tigger on them. The district also is out the money for its lawyers. The settlement also states the middle school cannot require students to wear only solid clothing.

I'm a middle school teacher in a public school. I'm learning more and more how public schools are tools for political control and manipulation. They stress conformity and memorization over individuality and higher-level thinking. I've seen teachers illegally require students to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and prohibit students from reading the bible in their free time at school. I'm just a cog in the wheel, but do what I can in my classroom. I hope to find a non-public, non-coercive school to teach at when my temporary contract is up at the end of the year.

beamis said...

I wish you luck Frank and hope you teach somewhere because we need more people like you helping to shape young minds.

And old minds too.