Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Georgia vs. Florida

Florida and Georgia fans coexist peacefully in the stands

The Georgia Bulldogs will meet the Florida Gators (in Jacksonville) for their annual clash in what is known in these parts as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". I see in the paper that the good fellas in Las Vegas have the Gators pegged as 9-point favorites over the Dawgs and I think that this is a fair estimation of the relative balance of power between the two teams. If anything, it might have been a little too generous towards Georgia who have yet to really beat anyone of stature besides Alabama.

UGA will be traveling to Florida to show his support.

As y'all know I am a longtime fan of the Dawgs, but must say that I also really like the Gators as well. I like their quarterback Tim Tebow (who should be a serious contender for the Heisman Trophy this year) and their coach Urban Meyer (who went undefeated at Utah when I was a resident of that state a few years back). Judging by my t-shirt collection I'd say that the Gators are definitely my second most favorite team.

Tim Tebow & Urban Meyer

I'm not prepared to go out on a limb and say that I really believe Georgia has a good chance of winning this game, so I am going to just refrain from making a prediction and be content to sit back this Saturday and enjoy a grand spectacle of football tradition in the sunny precincts of the Southeastern Conference.

Alberta & Albert will also be in attendance.

The game will air on CBS at 3:30 EDT.


beamis said...

How 'bout them Dawgs!!!!

Devastatin' Dave said...

I bet you let out a big Rebel Yell after that win.