Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin pie is back

Even though it is still broiling in the lower 90's down here each day it's also still October. You know, the fall? So now that Wal-Mart has finally dropped the price on pumpkins, as they always do in the last week of this month, I have begun to prepare my ever popular homemade pies. It is a sure sign that Autumn has arrived and one that I hope will give Mother Nature a clue to turn down the thermostat here in the Florida jungle. I've even promised her a whole pie if she'd just cool things down a little. The mid-80's would feel oh so refreshing!

About ready to emerge into the world

Get the knife!


Devastatin' Dave said...

It's criminal that pumpkin pie isn't served year-round.

beamis said...

It's usually hard to find any fresh pumpkins much after Halloween, so I stockpile now if I want to have any on hand for making pies at Thanksgiving. The canned stuffed is totally out of the question!