Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tour with Judi & Roy

The Sentinel broods over August clouds
One of my favorite ways to earn a living is giving personal tours, usually with a couple, who allow me to take them out on a whimsical loosely structured journey through the natural world. I just had the priveledge and great honor to conduct what is probably my last personal tour of this area as a local guide with Judi & Roy, who were a very cute and loving couple from Los Angeles. I easily got as much from being with them as they could've ever gotten from me.

As I embark upon my own journey of union with another I could not help but see this encounter as anything other than a strong testament to the incredible power and sweep of love over all odds and circumstances. For exposing me to this exquisite joy and assurance I wish to earnestly thank you both very much.

This particular tour was a scenic circle from Zion Canyon up to the top of the Markagunt Plateau (11,307 ft.), through high mountain woods & meadows (sometimes on dirt roads) and back down to Springdale by way of the Kolob Canyons. My Blue Light Special with SUV.

Enjoy the shots-----I loved takin' 'em (click on 'em, they get bigger).

Roy frames Judi

Checkerboard Mesa

Entrance to a mysterious lava cave

Judi joins the herd

Cedar Breaks

South Fork of Taylor Creek

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Audie said...

Awesome photos, Bemis!

And yes, the Universe sends us endorsements when we're on the right path, I believe.