Friday, August 25, 2006

Old pictures from the attic

Beamis in Dinosaur National Monument, CO 1981
As I begin packing up for my move to Florida I've been encountering old photographs taken a long time ago when I fancied myself a decent photographer.

It has been fun unearthing them so I decided to share a few which ya'll.

See how young Beamis looks.
He was in fact.

Jenkins County, GA 1984

Jenkins Co., GA 1984

Arches National Park, UT 1981

Arches N.P. 1981

Martin, SC 1982

Philomath, GA 1983

Young baby Beamis, Los Angeles 1980

Congragee Swamp, SC 1983

Dust storm, St. George, UT 1987

Store front church in Jackson County, GA 1983

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David Gillman said...

I like the old walls, especially.