Friday, June 02, 2006

Amerika is as free as a prison

The good guys. On our behalf. God love 'em.
Today as I went to my local credit union to deposit checks and cash from recent tour activity I noticed a sign on the counter from the Department of Homeland Security declaring that henceforth all established accounts would now require a valid photo I.D. to qualify for acceptance, and that all previous accounts not complying with this new requirement would soon be asked to do so. Failure to produce government required photo I.D. would result in the forfeiture of said account. The sign went on to state that the credit union strongly believed in the sanctity of my private information and a securely safe military dictatorship to keep me protected from terrorists and illegal "aliens". Reading that sign gave me the deepest sense of relief and comfort. Thank God for your help massa! Oh lawd thank ye massa!

What would we do without these guys? I'm so glad that they are fully inserted between me and the financial institution I've chosen to do business with. I really won't be satisfied until they start sleeping with me. You know, cuddled up close. Spooning with Alberto Gonzales. Hoy, hoy, HOY!
Oh Mr. Chertoff!!!!

I love you too Beamis!


Audie said...

The expression on Shrub's mug in that top photo just kinda says it all for me.

Is it 2008 yet?

Steve said...

I'm not ready to join the "Spell America with a K Club," but I agree the approach of a national ID card, or chip, or mark is not lovely. Nothing's new about picture ID, but "government-required"? The slope is wet bentonite.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Chertoff is one of the Reptilian People.