Thursday, September 11, 2008

Land of the Free

Now come along quietly and there won't be any trouble.

In case you are still deluded into thinking that we still live in a free country I thought I'd share some headlines from today's news cycle to clue you in about what's really going down across the fruited plain:

From the Alligator Republic of Florida:

From the cradle of the Confederacy:

From the home of the Boston Tea Party:


the bohunk said...

more reasons for my guvmint ass to retire to the west coast of mexico
that and the fact that college football starts, just as i crack my first, beer at 9 am

Devastatin' Dave said...

This circus is fascinating. Pass the bread, please.

Anonymous said...

I totally support that new law in the first article. Pants are meant to be around your waist, not around some ugly arse.
The only arse I wanna see, is some cute female on a beach...!

Now, the other two articles, things are going outta hand and going too far. The third article shows that we're becoming a little like that country that just hosted the Olympics.