Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I am setting out for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Ike to help staff a mobile kitchen for displaced victims of this terrible storm. I will be working with Christian Disaster Response, a non-profit disaster relief organization based in Winter Haven, Florida. I've been out with them before to work in tornado ravaged areas of Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida but have not yet been asked to respond to a hurricane. The scene I am about to confront will be on an order of magnitude many times greater than any I've experienced in the past.

Wish us luck and if you are so inclined please give generously to:

Christian Disaster Response
P.O. Box 3339
Winter Haven, FL 33885

Thanks in advance.


Audie said...

Thanks, Beamis. You're doing good work.

I was in Houston, 50 miles inland, and it was a long night, listening to the winds howl and to the many things going bump in the night.

My home got hit with a huge tree, right at the bedroom window, but fortunately I was across town, at my S.O.'s mom's house, when it happened -- otherwise, I probably woulda hurt m'self jumping outa my skin. The neighbors said it was so loud they immediately launched into incantations.

It's a bit of a mess around here, but everyone instantly initiated worker-ant behavior on Saturday, and the mess is gradually getting cleaned up. It's mostly trees, fences, signs, and traffic and street lights that are down in Houston. It's quite a bit worse closer to the coast, as you will see.

Bring along plenty of sweat rags, as A/C is a rare commodity around here right now....

Anonymous said...

That's great you are able to go help Beamis.

Audie, I know what you are going thru without a/c, we experienced the same thing with Hurricane Charlie in FL back in 04.

Our thoughts are with you all, as I know it is worse out there...