Thursday, August 28, 2008

Window on the world

Some of you have requested more landscape photos taken from the window of a jetliner, so I have finally gotten around to selecting some of my unpublished favorites. I hope you like 'em and understand why I always request a window seat.

Provo, Utah

Mississippi River

Gooseberry Mesa, Utah

Jacksonville, Florida

Colorado River, Utah

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Delta of the Mississippi River in Louisiana

Cliffs above Orderville, Utah

Rockville, Utah


DoBell said...

These are extraordinary! Do you take requests? (Sorry, I can't pay)Could you fly over Zion again and capture Grafton Mesa? Also, I'd love some Painted Desert shots. Oh, and the Mojave just north of Littlefield. Thanks, when can you have them?

Seriously, you've got a talent for this obscure genre.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Bravo, Brother Beamis, Bravo

Frank said...

Nice shots. I flew over Iceland on my way back from Europe and got a so-so shot of a caldera lake, formed the same ways as THE Crater Lake. It really made me want to get over there in a summer or two.