Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Dawgs Are #1

Georgia cheerleaders with Hairy Dawg in Sanford Stadium

The Georgia Bulldogs are the #1 ranked team in college football according to the AP. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a jinx. After all the SEC ain't no Saturday picnic in the park like the Big or the ACC.

Personally I think Florida has as good a shot at the SEC East title as the Dawgs and can see Auburn emerging from the brawl that is the SEC West with a champions crown upon their head (with apologies to my dear friend Darrell who loyally bleeds Crimson for the Tide).

It should be an interesting campaign this year and I think everyone should keep an eye out for Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. I see them winning games that nobody expects them to win and generally upsetting the apple cart of teams tempted to take these two feisty programs a tad too lightly.

Can't wait for the season to start. See y'all in the stands! [www_nytimes_com]


the bohunk said...

if they can survive the "month from hell" they deserve all the credit due them.
from oct 15-nov 15 they play:
florida in jacksonville
no bye week in there
and they play alabama after flying across the country to play @ arizona state with no rest
good luck to 'em, i say it's too much to handle

beamis said...

I tend to agree.

Devastatin' Dave said...

SEC rules!!!

What Big 10 team will get crushed next in a national championship game?