Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tom's Hot Dogs

While we were visiting the Panhandle last month I was dispatched by my wife on an urgent mission to Panama City to secure Easter candy from a small Chinese grocery store that we used to frequent when we lived in that area. On my way back to our beach compound I stopped off in downtown to check out the main drag (Harrison Ave.) and get me a soda pop. While there I stumbled unto Tom's Hot Dogs, an old fashioned local institution that quite frankly served me the best tasting hot dog I've ever eaten (a regular all beef dog with kraut and spicy red relish, mmmmm boy!) which I washed down with a Dr. Pepper.

555 Harrison Ave., Panama City, FL

Chili cheese dog

If you're ever in the general vicinity of Panama City I highly recommend that you take the time to check out Tom's. It's a definite throwback to a bygone era with lots of charm, character and excellent food. They tell me the cheeseburgers are the best thing on the menu. Who knew? As General MacArthur famously said "I shall return!"

The line snaked out the front door.

A regular and a slaw dog

Tom's Hot Dogs
555 Harrison Ave
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 769-8890

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Devastatin' Dave said...

A good hot dog is highly underrated. Last week I bought some 1/4 lb. Hebrew National beef franks. Delicious.