Monday, April 28, 2008

The Big Chill

Chilly Willy will be diggin' it!

The following link is to an article from today's headlines in the Australian press and confirms what I have been gathering from anecdotal evidence over the past few years, namely that there is a very good possibility that the earth is getting cooler folks! That's right COOLER! COLDER! DOWNRIGHT FRIGID!

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Audie said...

In case this blog is 'into' equal time, the same media outlet (The Australian) published the following six days later, which confirms what I have been gathering from anecdotal evidence over the past few years, supplemented by what a consensus of climatologists have also been saying over the same period:


Audie said...

This should be live: [www_theaustralian_news_com_au]


Audie said...

OK, how about this?

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Me no know code.

But it no stop me from trying.

DoBell said...

There'slenty of room for dissension on this. I tend to hold with Rachlis, but I won't wager, because the odds are too 50/50. But I've smelled bad science on this trademarked GlobalWarming frenzy for years.

Frank said...


you said something to that effect in 2000 when coaching my footsteps of the ancient hikes.

i started a skeptic, then became a believer, and now i've settled comfortably somewhere in between. do i think that humans have caused the climate to change? absolutely. do i think humans have pumped massive amounts of C02 in the atmosphere? undoubtedly. do i think sea levels are going to rise enough in the next century to alter the course of life on earth? no way.

while i believe humans are likely changing the climate, i don't buy into the environmental catastrophism of politicians, alarmists, and the nuclear power industry (or of this geophysicist--not climatologist--who's peddling the opposite side of the same environmental catastrophism coin). similarly, i find it hard to believe the almost utopian claims of some climate change dissenters (crop productions will increase with increased CO2, Greenland will be inhabitable, etc.).

as always, reality probably rests somewhere in between. in the meantime, i'll continue to drive to work, eat beef, and live my life.

Devastatin' Dave said...

I've commented on this topic so many times before that I'm even boring myself at this point.

I'll capsulize my viewpoint by stating that I think human-caused global warming, and its supposed attendant catastrophes, is one of the biggest hoaxes of all time.

Smiffs out!! (dropping microphone)