Sunday, March 30, 2008

More tramping through Dixie

We covered some serious miles on the road this month, with our first destination being the gorgeous Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle to visit with old friends and get my inaugural sunburn. After a week of sun, sand and barbecue ribs we scooted on up to Tennessee and then headed back home by way of Georgia.

It is always a happy time when I am traveling the byways of the Old Confederacy. Here are some pictures from our most recent journey. Enjoy-----I sure did.

Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee

Seaside, FL

Frost Bites in downtown Seaside

Tire swings at the cemetery
Parrott, GA

Easter treats at church
Seagrove Beach, FL

Sunset in Seaside

Richland, GA

Dixie County, FL

Porcelain dogs
Parrott, GA

Camp Creek empties into the Gulf of Mexico
Walton County, FL

Sasser, GA

Fanning Springs, FL


climbingtrash said...

What a let down! With an e-mail title like "spring break" I was expecting pics of thong-bikini clad females.

beamis said...

Sorry to disappoint.