Friday, March 07, 2008

Gator tails

While on our way to visit a remote nature preserve down in Okeechobee County we encountered a stretch of road that reminded us of the bayous of Louisiana. The highway was distinctly elevated above the surrounding swamp land and there were many old houses and ancient live oaks draped with Spanish moss that conjured up images of the bayou country.

Who could resist?

We stopped for a spell in the tiny hamlet of Lorida to stretch our legs and poke around a bit. I went into a little market that sold local swamp delicacies and inquired about the availability of gator tails. The lady in charge went into the back of the store and returned with a bag of frozen tails for me to inspect.

Gator tails.....mmmmm boy!

I was told that they were delicious when lightly breaded and deep fried like fish and that they would be glad to sell me a bag of Everglades spices that would complement the meat most favorably. She said that the best thing about alligator meat was that it really didn't taste like anything else; not chicken or fish or snake or turtle but was uniquely a meat with a mild and mellow flavor all its own.

The next time I'm down that way I plan to bring a cooler with dry ice and tote a bag or two home. I'll be sure to invite y'all over to try some with me.

Yup it sure looks like Louisiana

Backyard on the bayou
Lorida, FL

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Em said...

For the people who don't have the pleasure of driving through Louisiana, gator tail (and more) can be purchased online at Apparently it's very healthy and one of the highest protein meats you can eat (who knew?).