Saturday, December 16, 2006

When Johnny comes marching home

There is an interesting article in the current edition of the Nation that reveals a rapidly growing movement within the active-duty ranks of the U.S. military to get the hell out of Iraq. This is a very encouraging sign, which I hope will ultimately lead to more desertions, defections and outright refusals to continue fighting this unjust and unholy war. Here is but one sample from the article, that quotes a 21 year-old infantryman stationed near Mosul, Iraq:

This is my second tour, and as of a few days ago it's half-over. Before I deployed with my unit for the second time I already had feelings of not wanting to go. When in late September a buddy in my platoon died from a bullet in the head, I really took a long hard look at this war, this Administration, and the reasons why.

After months of research on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that this war was based on lies and deception. I started to break free of all the propaganda that the Bush Administration and the Army puts out on a daily basis.

So far in three years we have succeeded in toppling a dictator and replacing him with puppets. Outlawing the old government and its standing army and replacing them with an unreliable and poorly trained crew of paycheck collectors. The well is so poisoned by what we have done here that nothing can fix it.

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