Saturday, December 30, 2006

Down home in Walton County

Dead River Road

Back away from the beach a ways, northward along the warped and cracked county roads that lead into thick woods and cypress swamps, lies the backcountry of Walton County. Today we took a little spin along the floodplain of the Choctawatchee River basin and explored parts of this diverse county that we hadn't yet seen before. It was a trip back in time, thank goodness.

To say that the traditional South is alive and well in post-modern America turns out to be the understatement of the year. I'm real glad to see that it's a kicking and a stomping here in these later days. Y'all come visit now, ya hear?

Parking lot at the deer hunting camp on the Dead River

White trash delicacies

The No Name store on Hwy. 81

Feel free to pet the snake before going into the store.

Quiet beauty of the Dead River Swamp

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