Saturday, July 29, 2006

They're coming after you Steve!

In response to the last blog post my good friend Steve wrote: I don't know whether Big Brother will come after you for this or not. But I wouldn't blame him much. Just in case he's watching, though: I hereby affirm that I rarely agree with Mr. David Rachlis's political sentiments. (By the way, Mr. Rachlis plays with dolls. And I can tell you more.) SKD

Well Steve my little friends don't like being made fun of one tiny bit. I'm afraid your Big Brother will be of no use in protecting you from their righteous wrath.

I'd watch out if I were you!

We no like Steve!

I have powerful friends Steve!

No status for you buddy, just permanent termination.

Besides, when I actually worked for Big Brother he was okay with my little friends. I was even allowed to bring them to work. They were just one more small facet of the bread & circuses approach to ruling the masses. Remember Steve?

My friends are angry at you!

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