Friday, July 21, 2006

Deep Down in Dixie

I've just returned to the baking heat of the Utah desert after a wonderful and enlightening trip in the CSA (Confederate States Of America). It was long overdue. I was reconnected with so many fundamental things that I hold dear to my heart including a profound sense of fellowship and belonging amongst my fellow Southerners. I am now, at this moment, making plans to return.

Den I wish I was in Dixie,

Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray!

In Dixie land, I'll take my stand to lib and die in Dixie;

Away, away, away down south in Dixie,
Away, away, away down south in Dixie.
I would like to thank my God above for revealing the varied ways of my nature and how to better use them to serve His purposes. I know in my heart of hearts that returning home is a big first step.
I also wish to thank Connie, the love of my life, for hosting this journey and opening her arms so wide.
I'll be home soon dear-----you just keep the porch light on, ya heah?
Cypress swamp
Gaskin, FL
UGA attacks an Auburn player
Confederate Monument in Marianna, FL
Fern floored Florida forest (say that fast)
Or as Muddy Waters once sang:
Yes, I'm goin' down in Florida,
where the sun shines damn near every day
Well, well I'm goin' down in Florida,
where the sun shines damn near every day
Yeah, I'll take my woman out on the beach fellas 'n,
and sit down on the sand and play
Yeah, well I think I'll go down in Gainesville,
just to see an old friend of mine
Well, I believe I'll cut down in Gainesville,
oh, just to see an' old buddy of mine
Well, you know if we're not too busy,
I believe that I'm gonna drop over in Uberry sometime
(spoken:Let's go back to Florida
Let's go back down to Florida,
where the sun shines)
Yeah, I believe I'm gonna leave tomorrow,
well, I'm gonna be on my way
Yes, I'm gonna have a plenty of time,
well, I don't wanna make myself late
Well, you know I believe I'll go back down in Gainesville,
and this time I'm goin' to stay
Let's rise, let's rise
Yeah, deep down in Florida,
well, well that's the place I long to be
Well, oh deep down in Florida,
well that's the place I long to be
Well, oh let me take my baby out in the backyard, in the backyard people,
and sit down under the old orange tree
Life is good!


Audie said...

Are you going to move from Utah back to Dixie, Beamis?

Devastatin' Dave said...


This is HUGE! Is the Beamis Era in Cedar City really coming to an end?

Pru said...

Ah Beamis, how in the world did you get into my office? That Cypress swamp photo is the very essence of where I spend many of my days. Bugs, mud, snakes, HIGH humidity, and did I mention the bugs?

Thanks for the update dude. Now fill in some detail... moving back to Georgia??? I don't know if they're ready for your return brother.

Princess Smartypants said...

does anybody else find Leon all the more attractive now that he is a wanted man? that's the way it always is. you just don't know what you got till... ahhhh dave. you better teach me how to barbeque before you go!

Devastatin' Dave said...

Actually, Beamis isn't my type. Although he has dark hair, I prefer my brunettes on the petite side. Plus, he doesn't have enough junk in the trunk. Sorry, Beamis.

beamis said...

My heart is there, the rest of me will catch up. Details at 11....