Friday, April 28, 2006

A Very Kind Master

Manuel Lora is one of my favorite contemporary writers and today's essay is sweet and to the point concerning our benevolent Big Brother:

And from the old home boy (he hails from the same neighborhood I grew up in) we have Pat Buchanan asking a very important question about our current dictator, Kim Jong-Bush, and the extent of his war making powers:

The above ground bomb test, code named Divine Strake, is still a solid go for June 2nd. That means I'll be stationed on the coast when this poisonous material drifts over my county. I'm planning to be 85 miles south of San Diego on Punta Banda in Baja del Norte.

Anybody need me to pick up some really good tequila at the Gigante Super Center located on the south end of Ensenada? My all-time favorite is Real Hacienda, a delicious reposada that is clean to the palette and very easy on the stomach. Great to drink while grilling fish on the beach with a frosty Negra Modelo chaser. I will also be stoppping in Maneadero to get multiple jars of the delicious olives that grow there on the way out to my campsite along the south shore of Bahia de Todos Santos.

Can ya'll hear a rebel yell? Why that was me in a Mexican reverie.

Well hell----with happy thoughts like these I may just keep on driving south to Loreto and live at my friend's compound on the Sea of Cortez, never to return. The smuggling business ain't such a bad way to make a living really. In between long stretches of fishing and rock hounding that is. We'll see.......Happy May Day!

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