Saturday, April 15, 2006

State lines

Utah giving way to Nevada

The state is real and tangibly manifested in asphalt.

Vanessa and I decided to hike a section of U. P. tracks out by the Utah-Nevada state line. We did the usual stuff: mile long games of kick the can, smashing pennies with south bound trains and competing on how far we could walk on a single rail before slipping off.

On our way to railroad fun we stopped, as is the custom, to take tourist pictures at the spot where the pavement changes color along the 114th parallel of longitude. The actuality of a state is, to me, a very bizarre abstraction and no more vividly on display than in this abrupt change of road color miles and miles from nowhere; on the border of Vice and Nice.
Partner in crime

Modena, Utah
Gateway to Nowhere

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