Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dylan made me do it

Naomi Fern Wright of Virgin, Utah asked me last week if the title to my blog had anything to do with the Bob Dylan song Buckets of Rain? I replied that she had hit the nail square on the head. Smart gal she is------and quite fetching too.

So with it being the one-year anniversary of this blog I thought I'd re-aquaint my gentle readers with the words that inspired the title:

Buckets of rain
Buckets of tears
Got all them buckets comin' out of my ears.

Mr. Zimmerman has been a most extraordinary influence upon my life and I'm glad I lived through the wonderful times when one could buy big black petroleum derived discs stamped with his music on them. I'd lay in bed late into the night listening to Bobbie sing in his nasally twang about all of the things that poets are known to dwell upon: villains and thieves, angels in heaven and long lonesome freight trains "riding down the double E".

The last verse of Buckets of Rain seemed to fit my current position in the universe quite well:

Life is sad
Life is a bust

All ya can do is do what you must.

You do what you must do and ya do it well,

I'll do it for you, honey baby,

Can't you tell?


Max said...

Thanks for a great and enlightening year of blogging, Beamis. You are always a pleasure to read. Happy Anniversary.


Audie said...

If you haven't checked it out yet, Martin Scorcese's biographical film about Dylan, "No Direction Home," is quite good.