Monday, February 18, 2008

Tornados strike the South

Our part of the country has been getting slammed with tornadic activity over the past few weeks due to the presence of cold Arctic air masses that are diving south and colliding with warm unstable low pressure systems emanating from the Gulf of Mexico. Just last night another round of tornados touched down in western Florida and southern Alabama as yet another cold front pushed its way through Dixie.

Last week I traveled to a devastated area of north-central Tennessee as part of a relief team for Christian Disaster Response. We delivered emergency aid kits to a local church that had a set up a distribution center for storm victims in the town of Lafayette. We also did some field assessments to determine what further assistance was needed in the wake of these destructive storms.

Right now we are working to get contributions to help pay for the transportation of donated food from a group of farmers in the state of Washington who have generously given us food aid in the past, most recently for homeless fire victims in an isolated and mountainous section of rural San Diego County. If you would like to help here is the link to our website:

Distribution center for storm victims

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the haunted hiker said...

Thanks for helping out in Tennessee.